Friday, 4 December 2015

Nearly the holidays.

In two weeks it is going to be the holidays, I am very very excited for the holidays because I get to do cool things during the holidays. In the holidays it will be the cousins birthday, she will be turning 1 year old on the 12th of December. In the holidays I am also really excited for Christmas, I am excited for new presents, yummy food I am mainly excited for new presents to open early in the morning.


Year 4/5 Camp

On Thursday it was the year 4/5 camp, and we all did some fun games and activities. There were different teams such as the Pringles, the rainbows, and many more. The team I was in was the rainbows. My favourite activity was the egg race which was really fun. We also played touch, and we also had to complete a hard and a easy quiz. Finally it was time to watch a movie in bed, the movie we watched was Minions 2, it was really funny and at the end we had supper, for supper I had chocolate cake with fairy sprinkles. It was really delicious.


Almost Christmas

There is only 20 days left till Christmas Day. I am really really excited for Christmas this year. The thing I love the most about christmas is waking up early in the morning, opening up new, exciting presents. Comment down below to let me know what presents you are wanting for Christmas this year.